Making It

Author: Ron Craig
Publisher: Media Business Institute (MBI)

Want to succeed and achieve your dream of working in film or TV? This book is for you!

It starts out by exploding a myth: that success depends on who you know. As the author points out, success depends on how you apply what you already know! This book teaches you everything you need to start making money in film and TV.

You learn three steps that are critical for success – a simple strategy they don’t teach you in film school. This is followed by a detailed plan for finding work. Everything you need –from preparing a winning strategy to finding an entrance level position – is described in detail and illustrated with examples.

Does it work? The book is based on a seminar that the author taught at a film college. The graduates went on to start careers with broadcasters, production companies and networks. Everything he taught in the three day seminar is included in this book. You will learn the same insider tips and industry secrets that helped these graduates achieve their dreams.

Written by an industry veteran with over 25 years experience, the book is based on real world experience.  Ron Craig started his career working as a crew member on sets, becoming a supervisor, production executive and producer.   He is the co-creator and producer of a TV series that has been syndicated in the United States and sold to Discovery.  Now you can benefit from his experience as he shows you how succeed in the most exciting industry in the world.

More than just a book, “Making It: How to Succeed in Film and TV” is your pathway to success.

MASS (Markets Across the Seven Seas)

Author: Scarlett
Publisher: Media Business Institute (MBI)

A series of seven (7) novels set against the backdrop and television and film festivals. These entertaining and engaging books are inspired by the author’s experiences and observations of domestic and international film and television markets.

The Best Market Ever

Author: Scarlett
Publisher: Media Business Institute (MBI)

Framed_11to15-4Television sales is a funny business but . . . it sometimes hard to find the laughs.

Stylish and ambitious, Jewelle Joseph (JJ to her friends) is a rarity on the Canadian television landscape. She’s an African-Canadian international television sales and distribution executive who works for a local television station. It’s a small channel with a big reputation. Hers is a life of long hours at the office and a restricted social life as she relentlessly pursues career advancement.

When Barb Winters, the manager of sales, suddenly leaves the company, Jewelle thinks this is the perfect opportunity to make her move into management. It will mean a significant salary increase and equally important it will allow her to reign in and over her rival and fellow international sales executive, Chantal Mercier. But Chantal’s got her eye on the manger of sales position too and wastes no time letting Jewelle know that she’ll be throwing her hat in the ring.

If the drama at the office wasn’t enough, her personal life fills in the gap. – Her mother Adele who refuses to recognize that her children as adults, is the family’s towncrier bearing news on the antics of Jewelle’s siblings; her older sisters, Cass and Deeana and her brother Anthony. From time-to-time there’s even news about her ex-husband, Radcliffe Joseph. Thankfully, her faithful and patient boyfriend, Randy Brown is source of joy even though she’s got niggling doubts if he’s “the one”. And of course, there’s her admirer, the mad Swede, Johann who continues his relentless pursuit.

But it will all have to wait as Cannes is calling. It’s time for MIP-TV, the annual television market where executives gather to buy and sell television content. Perhaps, this will be the best market ever.