To Market, to Market

What is MIPCOM and Why Should You Attend?


MIPCOM is the largest TV market in the world, held in Cannes France in the same building (Palais des Festivals) as the Cannes Film Festival. The Palais des Festivals building has over 24,100 square meters or 259,410 square feet of space spread over multiple levels.  

Executives from 2,088 companies, 4,500 potential buyers and over 12,000 people attended the last MIPCOM.

NBC Universal Studios, the Walt Disney Company, The Weinstein Company,  Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios (MGM), ABC, CBS Studio International, DreamWorks Animation, HBO, Viacom, A&E, Discovery and Netflix were just a few of the companies that attended MIPCOM.

The companies attending MIPCOM buy product, fund development deals, distribute TV series, shows and documentaries.

You can meet with executives from these companies – AND PERSONALLY PITCH YOUR PROJECT – something that is nearly impossible for emerging filmmakers to do if they approach these companies and executives at their studios or offices.

And, when you attend MIPCOM you receive a 500 page guide with the names, contact numbers, e-mail addresses of executives who attend the event.

Why The Media Business Institute “Market to Market” Program?


When you enrol in the Media Business Institute “Market to Market” program, we do everything to make your MIPCOM experience successful. Before Arriving in Cannes, you do research and organize meetings with companies and executives –we show you how!

When you arrive, we provide an orientation so you know how to find the companies for your meetings.

You receive FULL ACCREDITAION so you can attend exclusive seminars and listen to experts and production executives about what they are looking for, and where the industry is heading.

You can attend exclusive premiers of new TV series: at the last MIPCOM, the new X-Files TV series was shown to a huge audience of industry insiders.


Other benefits include:

  • Welcome reception and VIP access to the MIPCOM official party.
  • Free welcome basket filled with items to make the festival experience enjoyable.
  • A pre-booked hotel room or accommodation in a high end apartment a few minutes walking distance from the Palais des Festival.
  • Free Continental breakfasts.
  • Working space at the MBI kiosk in the Canadian Pavilion to prepare for meetings with executives and buyers.
  • Assistance scheduling meetings.
  • Full accreditation to attend exclusive events.
  • The opportunity to meet with the top executives and buyers in production and distribution.

The next Market to Market will take place April 4-7th in Cannes France. It is already filling up with emerging filmmakers who are taking advantage of this exclusive opportunity.

For more information about our Market to Market program, please contact us: 416 505-0791

Why not call today and learn more about this exclusive program? Join us in Cannes, France and connect with the key executives who can take your project to a worldwide audience.

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