International Program

To Market, To Market

April 4th - 7th, 2016
Cannes, France

This program is designed to assist and empower independent TV content creators by providing them with an immersive experience at two of the world’s leading TV markets, MIP-TV (April) and MIPCOM (October). Its objective is to minimize the hurdles that can overwhelm newcomers as they begin to develop business contacts and gain greater insights into the business at domestic and international levels.

  • The To Market, To Market Program is broken down into three components:
  • Pre-market workshop
  • Assistance setting up meetings
  • Assistance managing meetings

This program provides an opportunity for emerging TV content creators to showcase their work and a platform for students to connect with potential career launching decision-makers. Each program component is specifically designed to aid participants in expanding their knowledge of the television business, while also affording them the opportunity to make key contacts that will help them establish successful careers in the industry.

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