TV/Film & Digital Media Sales & Distribution

From Suite to Screen

Duration:  4 Days – 28 Hours

Every day, content creators all over the world develop and deliver in a variety of genres – children’s programs, documentaries, drama series, reality, life-style, etc.  How does all this content get from the producers’ hands to small and big screens? This interactive course is a window into the skills and knowledge professionals need to buy and sell content. The course covers identifying suitable buyers, pitching to them, the vocabulary of sales and acquisition, copyright, clearances, etc.

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Sporting Life

Duration: 2 Days – 14 Hours

Every day, sports fans gather in front of screens or in a stadium to watch some of the most exciting entertainment on the planet. They cheer for their favourite players and teams.  Sports content is uniquely entertaining; viewers are never sure what the outcome of a game will be, which is why they tune in and cheer for their favourite teams.  Big brands like WWE have become BIG Entertainment.  In fact, WWE markets itself as itself as “soap opera in a ring.”

The buying and selling of sports rights generates big money and operates in its own niche. Today, there are a myriad of ways for sports fans to consume content. The process of acquiring rights for major events is a science in and of itself.   How do buyers go about acquiring these rights?  What’s involved in the negotiations?

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We Have a Deal!

Duration: 1 Day – 7 Hours

The world of buying and selling content is a complex one. Screens and platforms on which to program content are proliferating wildly. This intensive course on rights negotiation offers insight into how to generate maximum revenue from contents – what to keep, what to let go, the option of bundling all rights together.

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We’ll Be Right Back After This Message: Ad Sales

Duration:  2 Days – 14 Hours

In addition to covering the cost of original and acquired content, TV ads fill silent gaps. They must be engaging in order to motivate viewers to purchase products and services.

How are ads developed and placed in a broadcast schedule? When you buy airtime, who do you call, and what do you need to do?

In this course students will learn about the role of the schedule in determining the appropriateness of a product or service, and how to match these to the “right” broadcaster, budgets, rate cards, and demographics.  They will also learn how professionals create successful ad packages, while understanding the difference between off-prime and prime time spots, and the effectiveness of repeating spots to reinforce messages.  Ultimately, this course will open up a whole new world filled with potential for success.

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Online Ad Sales

Duration:  2 Days – 14 Hours

As more and more ad dollars migrate from traditional/offline media platforms, there is an increasing need for sales professionals who are skilled in selling digital ads for a variety of platforms.  This course is an introduction for those who need to transfer their knowledge from the offline world to digital.

To be truly effective at selling digital solutions, sales professionals require both confidence and the competency to work a variety of platforms.  This course indicates how to effectively pitch and sell online solutions to prospective clients.  Students will get an overview of the digital media market, learn the vocabulary of the digital space – CPAs, CPMs, MPUs, RTB -and how to use them. The mysteries of planning and selling across multiple channels, and a whole lot more, will be revealed.

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