Indie Production Business Management

Excel for Indie Production Business Administration

Duration:  2 days – 14 Hours

Running an independent production company involves considerable administrative management.  Microsoft Excel is an excellent tool that helps indie producers stay on top of their cash flow and track their expenses.  Unfortunately, many Excel users don’t know how to effectively use this software.  This course covers creating, editing, and linking worksheets, creating and managing formulas as required for indie production business administration.

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No Business Like Show Business

Today, anyone armed with a high-end digital camera, an Apple desk top or laptop computer, and editing software, can shoot, edit, and deliver content that is broadcastable. However, to consistently produce and deliver content that buyers want to license is a lot more complicated than simply creating a show.  The world of indie production is a hard slog.  In this course students will discover the tools and skills needed to establish, manage and grow an indie production company.  They will learn the basics of sound business management as it applies the production, as well as how to create and manage a production slate that is suitable to their resources, financial and human.

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A Platform Here, a Platform There

This in-depth course covers the Digital Marketing disciplines that are needed to create and implement successful online marketing campaigns, including Social Media Marketing, content marketing and Online PR.  This course also provides students with the tools and knowledge needed to grow and engage an online community, drive traffic to your corporate and project website, using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, and much more.

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