Business Affairs Administration

QuickBooks for Indie Productions

Duration:  2 days  - 14 Hours

Independent television productions involve a considerable amount of clerical and administrative work. QuickBooks is designed for small and mid-size business owners and entrepreneurs. This course will teach students how to tailor well-designed software program to simplify day-to-day management of any given production.  Students will learn how this software to reconciles checking accounts, creates and prints invoices, receipts and statements, track payables, inventory and receivables, create estimates and generate reports. Topics include setting up a payroll, editing employee data, processing payroll and government data.

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The Paper Trail

Duration:  4 days - 28 Hours

This course addresses the fundamentals of Business Affairs upon which all successful creative projects rest. The program provides students with a thorough understanding of how creative projects are financed through broadcaster and distributor licenses, funding agencies, and interim financing.

Students will understand essential broadcast and distribution contracts, and will gain in-depth knowledge of the various funding and federal and provincial tax credit applications for TV/Film and Digital Media. Students learn how finance plans and budgets are created. They also become knowledgeable about various funding-related programs such as the Canadian Media Fund, Bell Digital Media Fund and Rogers Fund, as well as CRTC and CAVCO Canadian certification, and all independent Canadian funding bodies.

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Music to My Ears

Duration:  3 days  - 14 Hours

Music enhances TV and Film action and helps to set mood and tone. However, there are legions of stories of films being produced and then shelved because the producers cannot clear the music. Why? The producers did not have a careful understanding of music rights – how to acquire them, how to clear them. A production can wade into deep waters and perish. In this course, students will learn the basics of music rights and the laws around ownership.  They will also learn the about costs/budgetings, negotiations, and commissioning original musical material.

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