Down but Not Out – Terrestrial, Cable, & Satellite Channels

Duration:  2 days – 14 Hours

As digital technology continues to impact traditional broadcasting, the death knell has been tolling for traditional broadcasting.  Yet many channels, particularly specialty channels continue to attract significant audiences. Why?  In this course, participants will learn what it takes to develop and establish a TV channel. They will learn about all facets of branding, content and schedules, regulations and licenses, technical facilities, HR, performance mentoring, budgets, and audience measurement.

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Brave New World of Online Channels

Duration: 2 days – 14 Hours

Studies have shown that in in the not too distant future Over-the-Top (OTT) television will surpass mainstream television and will play a significant role in the proliferation of Internet television. The cost effective business model of OTT services make them attractive to investors and subscribers alike. How do these services differ in form and content from traditional TV channels? How will these services evolve as more players enter this space? Students will learn about the main players – Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and Unotelly.

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