About Us

Real World Training.
Real World Education.
Real World Skills.

Media Business Institute (MBI) offers career focused media business training programs and intensive workshops.  MBI’s classroom courses are centered on real-world up-to-the-minute, industry training and experience. Our courses offer information and knowledge that will facilitate finding jobs in niche business areas of broadcasting, independent TV/Film production, and digital media.

Media Business Institute (MBI) started as a dream of its Founders to create a space where people could not only learn about the “business” of film, TV, and digital media content creation but also be trained for careers.  This resulted in the development and creation of training courses and workshops that inspire students to explore their potential for specific jobs in key business areas – Sales & Distribution; Business affairs Administration; Executive Producing.

The journey to realizing this dream has been long and challenging but the fact that we are here is a testament to our passion and commitment to sharing our experience and knowledge about the business of entertainment.

We are eternally grateful to all the people who have contributed and without whose help MBI would simply have remained a dream.