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Wade Hudson

Wade Hudson prepping for MIPCOM

I’ve been a filmmaker for a little over 2 years and the opportunity to go to MIPCOM is truly a blessing. To be on somewhat of a level playing field with other content producers that will be in Cannes gives me the confidence to sell my work especially in such a large market place.

Im not quite sure what the experience will be once I arrive in France, as a cinematographer and photographer I am very excited to see the landscape and colours the south of France has hidden. It will be interesting to see the other side of film making, that is the film actually making money side. The team at MBI is a God send I truly don’t believe I would ever get a chance this early out to join this international trade show, for that I am truly thankful.

I would love to gain the experience and the knowledge around what the market is after so that if possible I can aline my future content with that so that what I produce can have a wider reach, as a creative I sometimes get caught up in the aesthetic appeal and sometimes that may take away from the actual content itself. I need to find new ways to make content driven films and my hope is that MIPCOM will provide me with the tools necessary to do so.

I hope to get access to decision makers I wouldn’t normally get to connect with here in Toronto. All in all I am looking forward to touch down in Nice, hopefully I will return with a world of knowledge that I can pass on to other filmmakers in my circle.

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