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Donisha Prendergast

Donisha at MIPCOM

Why is this experience important to you?

It will be my first time attending his kind of gathering of industry players on an international scale. As I expand into my career as a filmmaker, knowing who and how is very important, especially now that the world has become almost like a village

What do you hope to gain by attending MICOM?

I’m hoping to get some experience with pitching and selling content, as well as to see what else is out there and learn best practices. I think I’m looking forward to the cultural exchange the most. The diversity of voices, experiences and creations is exciting.

Where do you see your career going and how will the Market to Market experience help your career?

As I evolve, I observe the many possibilities that my life works will create. Being a filmmaker as a career choice empowers me to travel, research, learn and share with the people of the world. Market to Market will create another space to educate and sharpen my tools as a filmmaker, expanding from artist to creative entrepreneur.

What do you expect when you attend the first day of the conference?

A day filled with exciting interactions and hard work. I can’t wait!

Why did you decide to take part in this unique MBI opportunity?

Patricia Scarlett has always been a Visionary, and MBI is another of her very needed ideas that empowers others with her knowledge an networks. This definitely is a unique opportunity to travel with peers on a similar mission.

What would you see as the best case outcome from this experience?

Of course, to get some support and distribution interests in the various projects I will be pitching, but also to see each of our projects gets some kind of positive movement from these moments. When it comes to team work, an individual success is a collective success.

How have you prepared to maximize the meetings you will be attending and executives you will be meeting?

I’ve created a few stickers, flyers and of course online links for the projects we will be presenting. Outreach and Follow up has been good, so now to meet face to face.

Provide your impressions of what to expect when you arrive in Cannes and mixing with the power brokers, buyers and sellers.

I’m trying to have no expectations, but to approach the situation with an open heart and ready mind for whatever may come.

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